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Innovativ, vielseitig und umweltfreundlich!

FAIA Tischfeuerschale

FAIA und Flamme am Tisch.

the unique fire bowl made of pure quartz glass. Fascinating light and plays of flames bring the white glass in red and orange colors strong to shine. For a romantic atmosphere and an impressive ambience, on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden, without ashes, soot and smoke. The opaque, rough outer surface refracts the light of the flames, scatters it diffusely and leaves the bowl strong shine. The properties of the material unite the power and the heat with the beauty of fire.


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FAIA Tischfeuerschale

Hochreine Quarzglasschale (Durchmesser: 20 cm, Höhe: 15 cm)

metal ring stand, waterproof powder-coated, antique brown (diameter 13.5 cm, height 4 cm)

metal extinguishing lid with handle, waterproof powder-coated, antique brown (diameter: 20 cm)

refractory ceramic sponge absorbs the bio ethanol, ensures an even, safe and beautiful play of flames. The ceramic sponge absorbs a maximum of 400ml bio ethanol and ensures a burning time of about 45 minutes

decorative two-tone fire glass stores the heat and embellishes the aesthetics of the flames

the quartz glass is heat resistant up to 1,250 degrees and frost resistant up to -30 degrees and can be used in any season without any problems. be fired.

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