Heat that regrows.

In the ongoing climate crisis, our goal must be to say goodbye to fossil fuels and focus on environmentally friendly alternatives. A project that a part of our team has already successfully pursued with the Kesselfuchs start-up. As luck would have it, this year we have teamed up with the Austrian pellets pioneerHerbert Ortneron a pack: Sustainability has long been close to his heart and his passion for tinkering combined with his technical expertise has resulted in the FAIA patio stove. This was the initial spark for our joint project FAIA place.

Our mission?Together we want to replace environmentally harmful gas stoves on terraces by getting people excited about our climate-friendly ambient fires. So that we can also rely on 100% renewable energy on long patio evenings.

Feuer, das verbindet.

Was unsere gemeinsame Faszination für unsere Ambientefeuer ausmacht? Feuer stillt das ursprüngliche Bedürfnis nach Licht, Wärme und Zusammengehörigkeit. Unsere Vorfahren entzündeten das Lagerfeuer in ihrer Mitte und machten es zur kommunikativen Drehscheibe. Aus purer Notwendigkeit wurde romantischer Luxus. An der Feuerstelle genießen wir traute Abende auf der Terrasse gerne länger.

Our vision?' We want to make the fireplace a source of social community again. All around the crackling of the campfire, communication and language, art and knowledge have been created throughout history. Let us rediscover this magic! With the fire in the garden, we will bring back the closeness to nature.

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